China's first and biggest biobag factory
Establised in 2003
the first and pioneer manufacturer of biobags in China
All of our bags are cetrtified with En13432,ASTM D 6400, AS 4736,FDA,FSC,30% Bio resource.
BSCI Audit factory Stick to social reponsibility standards Monthly Capability:600 Tons=40 Containers

Why use compostable bags?

  • Because it's good for nature
  • Composting is a mixture of organic waste such as food scraps, vegetable peels, garden clippings, leaves and manure that are combined in a bin or confined space to create an environment for controlled biologidecomposition as a result of the action of aerobic bacteria, fungi, and other organisms. Composting is essentially nature’s way of recycling.
  • Made from compostable material
  • Xinyuan compostable resins are manufactured from renewable and sustainable resources and plant based thermoplastic corn starch that also contains no GMO. Since compost is a rich organic soil that is formed when micro-organisms decompose in yard or kitchen waste, Xinyuan providing numerous benefits for the Earth and its surroundings.
  • Why use Compostable Bags
  • Xinyuan is not only good for the environment, but will make you feel good about the positive impact you are making. Did you know that by composting, a typical family can reuse more than 500 pounds of waste each year? Making the switch to compostable products such as Xinyuan will help reduce the volume of litter on the Earth.

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